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So today this happened

Peanut Butter and Banana Muffins

These were gone in under 14 hours. And it only took that long because we slept for 8 of those.


The story goes that my dad got this recipe from a fellow contractor on a job site many many years ago. Its a really light, fluffy version of cheesecake and about the only kind I will eat.

**Now with pictures! (12/29/12)

Peanut Butter

We go through peanut butter like water. This is way more fun than waiting on a sale.

Gooey Butter Pear Cake

I am making this for my mom for her Christmas visit.

Sweet Potato Pancakes

After Thanksgiving, I made this with some leftover sweet potato casserole. Mmm.

Apple Juice, Sauce and Butter

Fun things to do with apples.

Strawberry Fruit Butter

Strawberries in a jar for a year.

Even Better Pancakes

After lots of practice and experiments, we learned that buttermilk is *it* when it comes to pancakes. This recipe has the added-bonus of being camping-friendly. Just pre-mix the dry ingredients and throw into a baggie and bring the wet stuff along in the cooler.

Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake

Another one from mom. She tried it first and it got rave reviews from my dad.