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Low Sodium Chicken Fajitas

Watch out for flour tortillas, they are higher in sodium than corn.

Chicken Francaise

Fine dining at home.

2012 Turkey Brine

Olive Garden

While searching for crock pot chicken recipes that do not suck, I found a version of this.  One of the reviews basically said, “this recipe is great if you don’t make it in the crock pot and you change everything.”  So that is what I did.   I felt the original recipe was modified enough that it deserved a new
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Chicken Nuggets

easy easy easy
good good good

Fettuccine with Prosciutto and Sage Cream

Sage rocks my world.

Chinese Chicken Fried Rice

Happy New Year – Chinese style. I am not going to pretend to know anything about Chinese traditions, but I do know how to fry some rice with some tasty add-ins. This is a great way to use leftover rice and chicken. You could also substitute pork for the chicken – in fact, in these pictures, I think I already did.

Cranberry Chicken

Next time I might try something else in place of the dressing – like a can of soup.

Chicken Broccoli Alfredo

I love trying to make all kinds of things from scratch, but I am not ashamed to break out a can of Campbell’s cream of whatever soup every now and again. After all, it is mmmm…good.

Chicken Crock Pot Pie

Sometimes real chicken pot pie is not going to happen. Its a lot of work. Sometimes, even if the work is already done and your chicken pot pies are just hanging out in the freezer waiting on you, its August and its just too hot to turn on an oven for 60 minutes. For those sometimes, there is Chicken Crock Pot Pie.