Cream of Green Bean Casserole Soup

If we pull out that ole college cookbook again, we’ll find another well-worn page with the Cream Soup recipe. The reason this was such a favorite was because it had four variations listed that were each basically: add 2 cups {insert vegetable} and 1 tsp {insert seasonings}. This was probably one of the first recipes that encouraged me to just make it up as I went along. So today, I decided it was cold enough outside for soup and I was getting closer to the one-week deadline with no exciting ideas for a leftover Green Bean Casserole. The result: Cream of Green Bean Casserole Soup. Jason won’t eat it, so I will freeze the extra in small containers for some more warm lunches.

Potato Soup

Potato Soup This is one of those dishes that looks like a big fat disappointment, but once you stir in that cream cheese, it all comes together. 5 lbs Yukon Gold potatoes (diced (peels still on))1 large sweet onion (diced)10 teaspoons garlic (minced (or 2 tsp garlic powder))8 cups chicken broth16 oz cream cheese (softened)1… Continue reading Potato Soup


Chili The Lipcan way 2 tablespoons vegetable oil1 large onion chopped2 cups celery chopped1 medium red bell pepper chopped1 medium green bell peppers chopped2 pounds ground beef28 ounce tomatoes undrained3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce2 teaspoons salt2 teaspoons chili powder2 teaspoons paprika20 ounce red kidney beans undrained20 ounce chick peas drained2 tablespoons lemon juice1/4 cup fresh parsley… Continue reading Chili