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English Muffins

After just a few attempts, this recipe has become a standard in our house and I have not purchased English muffins at the grocery store. While, these are time-consuming in that you have to hang around waiting for dough to ferment, they are not labor-intensive at all. And they are totally worth it.

Banana Oatmeal “Muffins” with Chocolate Chips

Found this on a friend’s Pinterest board and had to try them immediately. Logan loved every last one of them.

Roly Poly

My sweet sister gifted me some new books to feed my hobbies. One of them was one of Peter Reinhart’s bread books. I spent the last few weeks reading all the words. I finally felt I was ready to tackle a formula. I picked English Muffins and this is what they came put looking like. They taste great. Logan and
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Baked Chicken, Broccoli & Rice

I used to make this all the time. It has been a while, so let’s try it tonight.

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie

Jason loves chicken pot pie. In an attempt to step it up from the frozen version, I have tried a few recipes where I make the filing and then top it with some kind of refrigerated pastry. I finally decided to go all in with Ina’s recipe and make the pastry myself. Guess what – It’s not that hard. I’ve made some adjustments to that recipe and here’s how I make them now.


This classic needs no introduction

Eggplant Parmigiana

This is one of my favorites, but not one of Jason’s, so I don’t make it that often. I thought, however, if I posted it here, you might make it and invite me over for dinner. I’ll bring some wine and a salad.