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Fortune Cookie

This recipe is easy, but time consuming as you can only really bake 2 cookies at a time.

Andouille Sausage

Look who learned to spell ‘andouille’ today.


Just made 5 pounds of Bratwurst with this recipe and sampled about 1/2 an ounce. Wish I made more than 5 pounds. Mmmmm.

Onion Sausage

After a few near misses on the Italian sausage recipes, I decided to go another direction and just find a sausage with things I like in it. This is what I found.

Apple Juice, Sauce and Butter

Fun things to do with apples.

THE Pizza Dough Recipe

I’ve been trying out different pizza dough recipes from all over. This is a nice thin crust that I’ve actually come across a few versions of in my internet travels. This is the way that worked for me.

Sage Sausage

I made this to include in our family’s Thanksgiving Chestnut Stuffing, but after sampling the results with some scrambled eggs, I’ll probably be making more for weekend breakfasts too.

Gina’s Sweet Italian Sausage

This is the third recipe I’ve tried for homemade sausage and so far, its my favorite. Its a little garlicky and a little spicy.


Our first attempt at a linked sausage.

Another Pizza Dough

An alternative pizza dough recipe.